Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events



Tandems, hopefully, are coming out of hibernation when covid restrictions allow and weather permitting.  The lock up has been insulated which should prove invaluable over the coming years.

All being well, tandems might be resuming in the next few weeks  Following this month’s committee meeting it was proposed that beginners or tandem novices would feel more confident cycling in the park; thus avoiding busy roads. If you are interested please contact Lisburn Outlook through the website or WhatsApp.  Big thank you to all the pilots and, of course, the stokers for turning up and making this a popular activity.



Lisburn Outlook’s monthly quizzes are quite popular and this month’s was no exception with 12 teams/individuals participating. We are pleased to announce that our next quiz is on Thursday 6th April via Zoom at 8pm. This is a great opportunity to socialise virtually and stay safe. If you are interested contact Lisburn Outlook via WhatsApp or the website.

They are open to everyone:  members, volunteers, friends, friends of friends, distant cousins in Australia or family in Sweden and  anyone else.

Joining instructions will be sent out nearer the time, but if you are not already on our email list you will need to let us know that you want to take part.

The quizzes are fun, they are not like Mastermind, and we have a bit of a laugh at the same time.

If you would like us to send you the joining details, simply get in touch via Lisburnoutlook@gmail.com.

Book Club

The Book Club will meet via Zoom link on Tuesday 13th April at 8pm. Our book this month is The Sanitarium by Sarah Pearse.  Something to look forward to and I hope it has helped pass the long winter evenings through this third lockdown.


Lisburn Outlook’s AGM took place on Thursday 28th January 2021 at 8pm.  We had a great ‘virtual’ turn out and everyone’s input was much appreciated and any other ideas, when we get out of this pandemic, contact Lisburn Outlook’s website or WhatsApp.

Tandem Holiday

At this stage, the Committee has decided to wait and hopefully  re-organise the Tandem Holiday for later on this year.  One suggestion for the holiday is the West coast of Ireland: a staycation. Again, when we have more details, we will keep you updated.


All our face-to-face activities have had to be suspended, but we do hope to be up and running again as soon as we safely can.  Unfortunately, Lisburn Outlook have not been able to continue with Tandems during this difficult time.  Why not remind yourself of the sorts of things we do by following the link

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