Statement of Public Benefit

The Charity’s activities mitigate the isolation and lack of social contact which frequently accompany sight loss.

The charity offers peer support, information exchange and confidence building amongst its members.

By organising bespoke tours of places of interest and visits to audio described theatre and cinema performances, for example, the charity promotes social inclusion and provides a richer appreciation of culture and history amongst its members than would otherwise be available to them.

By organising recreational activities such as tandem cycling and walking, the charity offers an opportunity for physical exercise and fresh air which might otherwise not be available through mainstream activities.

By arranging bespoke classes, for example dancing classes, the charity provides learning opportunities that would not be easily available to a blind or partially sighted person in a mainstream context.

By exerting influence on the providers of social, cultural, commercial and recreational facilities, the charity also ensures in a more general way that facilities and services in the area of benefit are run in a more inclusive manner. In this way, all blind and partially sighted people in the area of benefit, and not merely the charity’s own members, are accorded a more inclusive experience when accessing these facilities.

Sighted people who are members of the charity or who volunteer with it learn guiding and describing skills and gain a greater awareness of the challenges and barriers faced by people who are blind or partially sighted.

David Mann

24th March 2015

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