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Community Support Grant

We are delighted that we have received a substantial Community Support Grant for 2020-21 from Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council.  We greatly appreciate the expression of confidence in the value of our work which this grant indicates.

Lisburn Leo Talking Newspaper

The Lisburn Leo talking Newspaper is now available every week via the TalkingNewspaper app.  This can be downloaded for Apple or Android devices, and enables you to navigate through the paper flexibly.  The normal postal distribution of CDs has had to be suspended due to Covid 19 restrictions, but this initiative means that the same essential service is being provided, along with access to many other local talking newspapers across the UK.

For more information contact Lisburn.Leo@hotmail.co.uk.

Help and Support

While we await the passing of the pandemic, we offer below messages from some service providers and voluntary agencies which may be useful.

Message from the south-Eastern Health and Social Care Trust Sensory Support Team

“Hello everyone, we hope that you are all keeping well. Covid 19 has certainly changed all of our lives in many ways but some things still stay the same. The Sensory Support Team staff is still at work and are here to support you as much as we can.

“We have a list of local shops and businesses that are offering home deliveries, so whether you are in Moira, Lagmore, Annahilt or Lisburn or anywhere in between, if you are having difficulty getting shopping delivered please ring us and we will share this with you. We also have a list of local community contacts and volunteers’ agencies if you need someone to collect the shopping or your prescriptions for you if you are unable to leave the house to get these.

“One of the big impacts that we are hearing about from people with a visual impairment is the difficulty of social distancing and it would seem that social distancing is something that we are going to have to continue to practice and manage for some time. I am sure there have been a range of experiences and reactions to do with this amongst yourselves from the public, unfortunately we have heard of some more negative ones. So now is perhaps the time to consider using a symbol cane if you don’t already use a long cane or symbol cane. It is a well-recognised symbol of visual loss amongst the general public and will hopefully let others know that they need to take the initiative to socially distance themselves. We also have a limited number of Sunflower lanyards and sunflower ID cards. The sunflower scheme lets retailers and travel providers know that the wearer has a hidden disability, such as a sight or hearing loss, a learning disability or autism etc. This scheme is less well known about amongst the public but shop staff should certainly be aware of it and are supposed to check with their customers if they need any assistance. If you would like a symbol cane or a sunflower lanyard/card please contact the Team.

Also if you are having to use different shops and are unsure of the route or you are having difficulty using familiar routes because of the queuing systems outside of shops, please contact us and we will support you as best as we can.

“At present in line with the current government advice we are only doing essential home visits and limited face to face contact but please do let us know of these difficulties and we can try and work something out with you.  .

In the meantime from all of us here in Sensory, stay safe and stay well.

“A reminder of our number: 028 9260 7746”

Keep in touch through RNIB Northern Ireland Zoom Room activities

We can all still keep in touch via the zoom room activities hosted by RNIB Northern Ireland.  You can join in the Zoom room every morning at 11am – 11.40am for the usual coffee and general chat, and then each afternoon from Monday to Thursday with a range of different activities, from creative writing to armchair yoga.  Other activities are also available.

For more information, or to find out how Zoom works, contact Olive, Community Access worker/ activity leader RNIB Northern Ireland – Olive.rodgers@rnib.org.uk, Telephone: 028 90334133

Other RNIB Services

RNIB continues to offer many of its local and national services during the pandemic, although face to face contact has had to be suspended in many cases.  Contact the RNIB Helpline for further information: 0303 123 9999 or Helpline@rnib.org.uk.

Community Support from Lisburn and Castlereagh Council

Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council’s Community Support Team is co-ordinating a wide range of local support initiatives, and has a directory of services and facilities currently available to help those particularly vulnerable during the pandemic.

The Community Services helpline is open Monday to Friday (9am – 5pm) to signpost you to the right advice and support for your personal circumstances.  Call them on 028 9244 7713



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